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Lux Scooter Rentals is the premier scooter rental company for Miami.

We specialize in bringing our customers the experience and thrill of enjoying what Miami has to offer traveling by scooter. Our fleet of luxury scooter rentals are top notch and come fully customized to provide the best rental experience possible. We strive for superior service to make your vacation and drive hassle and stress free.

*No License required for any of the scooter rentals in Miami beach we rent - ID needed to rent.

scooter rentals in Miami beach

bullet 50cc


50cc Ruckus Trike


Desert rider 50cc

Taotao New Speed


ninja 50cc

Icebear SHARK Trike



What is required to rent a scooter?

To drive one of our scooter rentals in Miami beach you should be 18 or over and have a legitimate driver's permit and a noteworthy charge card or credit card. You should consent to rental terms and conditions and sign our rental contract. Additionally, a refundable deposit of $200 is required on all rentals.

Do you require a special license?

No. Scooters are 50cc so no special permits or licenses are required, be that as it may, you should have a legitimate driver's permit.

Do you require a charge card to rent?

Yes. To rent a scooter you should have a noteworthy charge card or credit card for payment and deposit.

What zones of South Beach do you cover?

South Beach, Miami Beach, Midtown, Brickell and other neighborhood Miami regions.

Must I wear a head protection?

No, yet we HIGHLY propose it. Florida state law does not require a helmet; be that as it may we underline security first. Glasses are MANDATORY. Shades, goggles, or different types of eye protection are required. Travelers under 16 MUST wear a helmet.

Is there an age restriction?

Yes. You should be 18 years or more to rent a scooter.

Are shoes required to ride the scooter rentals in Miami beach?

We firmly empower the utilization of closed ended shoes or tennis shoes. Wearing flip-flops or sandals is a hazard and we strongly recommend against it. There will be times when you will presumably need to put your foot down when you are making a hard stop or change in speed, etc.

Do I have to fill the tank with gas?

There is no charge for gas so you can bring the scooter back as you wish. Don't worry about it, we will take care of it upon return.

Could I be denied rental?

We reserve and maintain all authority to deny any rental or cancel the reservation on the off chance that we decide you are working in a dangerous or clueless way. We have the right to reject rental in the event that we verify that you are not happy and after the "getting-used-to" period when we are demonstrating to you generally accepted methods to work and use the scooter.

At the point when am I required to pay?

Because of a lot of reservations, full installment is expected at the start of the reservation. The Refundable Security Deposit, be that as it may, is charged at the Rental Start Date.

What does the refundable security cover?

The Refundable Security Deposit of $200 dollars covers any stopping tickets, moving infringement, and additionally harms done to the vehicle amid the rental. It is expected at the start of reservation and MUST be made with a valid credit or charge card.

At the point when do I get the return for the security deposit?

The Refundable Security Deposit of $200 dollars is returned to the charge card 4-5 business days after the finish of the rental.

What happens to the rental in the event that weather is poor?

In case of serious rain or harsh climate, we encourage our clients to exercise alert when riding. You may cancel out, yet the cancellation policy still applies.

Where am I permitted to park the scooter?

Any legitimate parking spot or assigned scooter rentals in Miami beach parking is allowed.

How might I maintain safe travels and avoid harm or damage?

Avoid high‐trafficked zones like fire hydrants, corners, and carports. The more development there is, the more prominent the danger of your scooter getting hit or damaged.

Try not to leave your front tire hanging out in activity.

Ensure your scooter is immovably planted on its kickstand or center stand and not very tippy toward any path or road.

How might I ensure the scooter is secure while stopping and parking?

A combination lock we provide for you, a wheel tied up will take too much work and ache for most criminals.

Stop close to other bikes and scooters, particularly different bikes, park in sufficiently bright, foot trafficked territories/areas.

If you have any additional questions, about scooter rentals Miami beach, Please call 1-603-828-3433