Gas vs Electric Scooters

Without a doubt, owning a scooter is not only a fun way to get around but it's a lot easier on your wallet. Now that you've decided on purchasing a scooter, how do you decide between gas-powered or an electric-powered engine?
Comparing the two types of scooters is your first step in the decision-making process so getting up to date information before you choose will definitely help you to make the best choice.
Electric scooters are becoming more popular out of a growing concern for the environment. With some models topping the best-seller lists at some outlets, electric scooters are gaining in popularity mainly because they don't burn fossil fuels. 
Whether your source for recharging the battery in an electric scooter is in solar power or electric power, electric scooters have very little impact on the environment which gives them the advantage over a gas-powered engine. 
Electric scooters are also less expensive and easier to maintain than the gas-powered alternative. The only energy used is from recharging the battery and because they operate with fewer parts, less energy is used to manufacture them. Fewer parts to make means less impact on the environment.
Some of the other advantages of scooters are the modern design improvements. People are using scooters as a main source of transportation for commuting to and from the workplace and shopping trips, scooters aren't just for kids anymore!
One of the things you will need to take into consideration when selecting between a gas-powered scooter and an electric one is if you'll be carrying any additional passengers or weight. 
Electric scooters, for the most part, are built for a single passenger so if your scooter will be used to carry additional weight or another passenger on a regular basis, then a gas-powered version is your best bet.

Electric scooters are very simple to operate and not any more difficult to learn how to ride than a bicycle so almost anyone can learn how to ride one. Gas-powered versions are not so simple to operate, are much heavier and more difficult to store. 
Electric scooters don't always require a license due to their lower speed restrictionsbut if you plan on traveling at highway speeds of 60km or higher, a gas-powered scooter is going to be the better choice.
Electric scooters also have the upper-hand when it comes to handling them on the road or storing them between trips. Electric scooters are lighter weight, quieter, compact, as easy to park as a bicycle and are more portable than the gas-powered versions also. Gas-powered scooters can't be taken indoors out of the weather or brought aboard public transportation because of the safety hazards and smell of the fuel.
Whether you choose to go with an electric scooter or a gas-powered one, you're sure to enjoy the ride. Scooters are available in a wide-variety of models so you're sure to find one that will fit your needs in style and functionality.