Why Rent a Scooter Instead of a Car – Miami Beach

If you’re planning a trip to Miami Beach sometime soon, you may be looking into renting a car

in order to get around and see the sights. Before you pull the trigger and reserve your car,

consider a far more unique and enjoyable alternative: scooter rental! Miami Beach is a free-

spirited party town, so for this trip, why settle for a boring old automobile that you drive all the

time? Vacation is a time to step away from the ordinary and do something exciting. Here’s why

renting a scooter is more awesome than renting a car:

1. It’s more fun.

Let’s face it – scooters are all the fun of motorcycles without needing to know how to

ride motorcycles (or have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license). The

operation is easy, and being able to zip around traffic with the wind in your hair only

adds to your vacation experience. Scooter rental is a fun option for anyone: couples,

individuals, or even families. Just remember, pretty much all rental locales require that

renters be at least 18 years or older.

2. Parking is easier.

Parking cars around Miami Beach can get real expensive, real quick. It’s a popular

vacation destination, especially in the winter. There isn’t always a lot of parking space for

cars. There’s plenty of designated scooter parking (trust us – just do not park it on the

sidewalk). The smaller the vehicle, the easier it is to park.

3. It’s cheaper.

You’ll pay a lot more in rental car fees, taxes and fuel than on your much smaller scooter.

Add in how much you’ll save on parking during your trip, and you’ve effectively saved

quite a pretty penny on your trip to Miami Beach. Many scooter rental places will even

deliver your scooter(s) for free.

4. It’s a unique experience.

How often do you get to do something like this? Most of us aren’t scooter or motorcycle

owners, so an experience like this does not come around often. Don’t miss the

opportunity to make your travel around Miami Beach part of the vacation experience.

5. It’s Florida – grab that sunshine.

Florida, after all, is the Sunshine State. Why stay cooped up in a car when you can travel

with no roof and no doors, soaking up those rays – especially if you came down to south

Florida to escape the winter up north. You’ll want to get that tan while you can!

It’s easy to see why renting a scooter beats renting a car in Miami Beach. They are cheaper,

more nimble, and provide a one-of- a-kind vacation experience that just can’t be accomplished

in a regular car. Florida is such a friendly place for these fun summery vehicles, with plenty of

special space to park them while you enjoy the lively bars and cafes, stellar shopping, and cute

novelty shops and boutiques you’ll only find in Miami Beach. It may be a step out of your

comfort zone – but that’s what vacation is all about!